Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Filing Cabinet

It’s essential for an office space to remain neat and tidy in order to improve productivity and increase the success of the business, and an organised office usually stems from using smart storage solutions like filing cabinets. If you’ve been looking for a simple and secure way to store important documents, continue reading to learn what you should consider when buying a filing cabinet.


Before purchasing a filing cabinet, it’s important to carefully consider its purpose. A filing cabinet is an easy way to stay organised, have access to important documents and eliminate any unnecessary clutter, but you need to consider its purpose. For example, if you work as a medical professional, patient privacy is vital. You’ll therefore want to buy a lockable cabinet that’s made of a strong, durable material such as stainless steel. The cabinet should also easily fit into your existing office space and provide the right level of security.


There are many different types of filing cabinets on the market to choose from, including lateral, vertical, flat and mobile cabinets:

  • A lateral filing cabinet features drawers that extend from the longest side of the cabinet. This layout is ideal for smaller spaces where there isn’t enough room to extend a longer drawer into the room.
  • Vertical cabinets have drawers that extend from the short side of the cabinet. Typically, this means the drawers offer greater depth.
  • Flat filing cabinets are specially designed to accommodate larger documents that are usually laid flat for storage. The drawers are spacious and big enough to lay canvases and blueprints.
  • A mobile filing cabinet is easy to move around the office on carpets and other surfaces, providing an easy way to transport files throughout an office.


When it comes to buying a filing cabinet, you need to think about the security it offers. A lockable cabinet is the best way to achieve complete security, with the most common lockable cabinets featuring a cam lock or a sliding teeth lock. Both of these locks come standard with higher quality lockable cabinets and require a key to gain access. You can also get a lockable cabinet with an electronic lock requiring a key code. An electronic lock can be monitored and recorded so you can easily find out who has accessed the cabinet.

Size and Cost

The right size filing cabinet depends on how many files you need to store, how much office space you have available, and how much money you have to spend. Ideally, you want to choose a filing cabinet that provides plenty of space with a durable design. It’s important to also think about the uses of the filing cabinet and any necessary security features. Additionally, you should consider any delivery costs or extra fees as well as overall cost.


The most common filing cabinet materials include steel, aluminium, plastic and wood. Steel models are designed to withstand years of sagging or wearing down because they’re impact resistant. They typically come with lock systems and full-drawer suspension capabilities. Aluminium filing cabinets are designed to offer a certain level of durability with long-lasting qualities. While they’re lighter and cheaper than steel cabinets, they may not withstand impact as well. On the other hand, plastic filing cabinets are an affordable temporary solution, while wooden filing cabinets are more durable to scratches and ideal for creating a warmer office environment.

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