Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Why You Should Switch to T1 Internet

When it comes to setting up your business or even looking for areas to improve, there are a lot of areas that might draw your interest. However, one of the areas that many people don’t put too much thought into is their internet connection. The vast majority of people just go with what many others are going for, or whatever the most affordable option is.

Unfortunately, this may end up being a mistake as many business ethernets may not live up to expectations, especially if you’re going to be using a lot of bandwidth. However, with the release of T1 internet over the past few years the choice of which one to go for is a whole lot clearer. On top of the likes of the T1 line speed being a lot higher than a typical business ethernet, there are a whole host of benefits as to why you should upgrade.

Data Transmission

If you were to take a typical home internet connection and install it into your business premises, your connection speed is going to be pretty slow. This comes down to some factors, such as the number of people using it and the amount of data that needs to be sent and received by your employees. Roughly speaking, it works out to about 30,000 bits per second; however, a T1 connection can offer a rate of 1.54 megabits per second. Not only does this offer a faster speed than many competitors, but it won’t get too bogged down when there is a load of employees using it. After all, if you’re relying on an internet connection to do business, you’ll need the connection to be fast and secure.


The vast majority of business require a reliable internet connection so that they can properly do business. However, many broadband connections may not offer everything you need in terms of reliability; because of that, there may be a certain amount of unexpected downtime which can have a major effect on your ability to do business. In contrast, though, the majority of T1 connections come with what are called Service Level Agreements or SLAs. These are guarantees from the service provider for some things; these typically include a certain amount of uptime (normally 100%) and a guaranteed internet speed. Because of that, a T1 connection offers a lot more reliability than a typical broadband connection.


T1 internet consists of a variety of channels that can be divided into voice and data transmission, which lets users have more flexibility with how and when they upload files and communicate. There’s also the option of what’s known as a bonded T1 connection, which offers 3 Mb per second uploads and downloads. With that in mind, users have a lot more flexibility with how fast their internet connections can be; if you need more, you can use more and vice versa.

With all of those benefits compared to a more standard business ethernet, there’s almost no reason not to upgrade. What’s stopping you from taking the next step to business success with upgrading your businesses capabilities.


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