Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Services Offered by Registries in Edmonton

Whether you are planning to start a company, you want to purchase land, to register your vehicle or personal property or you simply want to obtain vital personal documents, you will require registry services at some point. To avoid the hassle of moving from office to office and wasting your precious time in long queues, you can simply enlist the help of a reputable agency that offers reliable registry services.

Services Offered by Registries in Edmonton

If you are based in Edmonton, you can find renowned agencies that can offer you quick, efficient and reliable registry services. Authorized by the provincial administration, these registries are known to help clients with different needs navigate the search and registration process quite easily. They also offer reliable registration reminder service in Edmonton, especially for people that would like to renew their driver’s license, vehicle registration or ID card. Their registry services include:

  1. Company Incorporation

If you want to register your new company, or merge an already running company, these agencies can help. The registries have accredited professionals that usually provide topnotch research or reservation support for the naming of corporations. In addition, they also offer more complex services such as continuance, revival as well as amalgamation. They also have experts that can assist you with simple company incorporation, limited liability partnerships and professional corporations, among other things.

  1. Vital Statistics Services

These agencies are also known to help individuals acquire their vital statistic certificates in an extremely quick manner; either within one or two business days. They can help you acquire your birth and marriage certificates or the death certificate of a deceased loved one. Their agents usually order these certificates online, and the same are usually printed by the relevant government agencies. They are then picked up and brought to the offices for you to pick them up.

  1. Vehicle Registration and Reminder Services

By law, every vehicle that drives on Canadian roads and highways needs to be registered. Such registration usually helps in protecting you as the rightful owner of the specified vehicle. However, the process of registering a vehicle in Edmonton does not need to be so difficult, thanks to the professional assistance of these agencies. In addition, they can help you to acquire a driving license if you have attained the age of 16 years and above. They are also renowned for providing the most reliable registration reminder service in Edmonton to help you know when you need to renew your license.


  1. Personal Property Registration and Searches

Ideally, all bankruptcy registrations, judgments, security interest and liens need to be registered. This can help in determining priorities, especially during property distribution or recovery. It also provides the evidence of restricting any enforcement. Landlords, financial instructions and creditors also rely on these databases when determining the credit information of debtors.

Registries in Edmonton are also renowned for providing land title searches, accurate and reliable translation services, health care insurance registration, commissioner of oaths services, as well as courthouse searches. The best thing about their registry services is that they are quick, efficient and quite affordable. They can handle every aspect of the searches and registration process, giving you time to concentrate on other important matters.

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