Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Gas Fireplace in Nanaimo

When it is time to buy a fireplace for your home, you will find that you have many decisions to make. These include size, finish, style and other specifics that will help you get the perfect fireplace that makes a great addition to your home and suits your needs. You also need to decide the kind of fuel you want the fireplace to run on. Wood and gas are among the most popular fireplace fuels. Homeowners who choose gas fireplaces do so since they feel that gas offers many benefits over burning wood logs or even pellets. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a gas fireplace in Nanaimo for your home.

Reduce Heating Costs

Homeowners with gas fireplaces are able to save 20-40 per cent on their heating/utility costs. With the modern advanced fireplace designs, ‘zone heating’ is possible in all homes. Some people take this even further by installing properly sized gas fireplaces in many rooms, which allows for convenient heating of particular areas without the need to operate central heating at its full capacity. An expert in heating and cooling services can help you with this.

Easy Ventilation

When using a wood fireplace, the ventilation system (normally a chimney) is a major consideration – the fireplace can only be placed where it is possible to extend the chimney up from it. The options are easier with a gas fireplace in Nanaimo. A direct-vent gas fireplace has just one pipe that runs from the fireplace to the outdoors. There are also non-vent varieties available that require no ventilation and are safe to operate this way.

No-Hassle Operation

Since a gas fireplace brings the fuel directly into the firebox, heating your home is very easy. You will not need to haul in logs and spend time getting them to burn. With a gas fireplace, you are able to control the amount of heat generated, and when you are done using the fireplace; you just turn off the fuel source and continue about your business.

Less Maintenance

A gas fireplace in Nanaimo has no real burning objects, so there is no debris and ash to gather in the firebox and make it difficult for you to clean. Being a clean-burning fuel, gas will not corrode your ventilation system, in case you use one. By choosing a gas fireplace, there will be no need for consistent maintenance or professional cleaning.



Amazing Selection of Styles

Do not think that only wood-burning fireplaces are able to create a striking visual. Today, gas fireplaces are available in several styles that make impeccable accents to any room’s décor. Besides, real-looking log sets offer the feel of an actual wood fire. With a gas fireplace, you will not have to sacrifice the visual appeal of wood fireplaces.

From the discussion above, it is clear that there are many benefits of choosing a gas fireplace in Nanaimo. If you are not sure which is the best size, shape or style to choose for your home, you should consult an expert in heating and cooling services.

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