Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

The Art and Skill Of Customer Happiness – How To Grow A Business by Keeping Clients Happy?

Satisfaction is the genuine feeling felt by customers that stem from great service from a company. This deep feeling of belonging can hardly be measured, but the undeniable truth is that it is essential for a business’ growth. As already noted, no business can grow without constantly meeting customers at their place of pain at the right time.

Customer happiness or satisfaction is not a one-off thing; it requires a well-thought-out process that’s in place to consistently treat customers the right way and at the right time. While there are differences between customer happiness and customer satisfaction or CSAT, both of them are equally important tools used to feel connected to customers. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is a kind of survey that’s carried out periodically to check how satisfied customers are on any given day.

What Does Customer Happiness Do? 

It simply opens up how emotionally attached customers are to a brand. A happy customer surely has the tendency to buy or patronize a business repeatedly. They can serve as a source of a free road map to a company’s growth because of their readiness to drop much-needed nuggets about a product or service and offer solutions on how to improve.

How To Build Customer Happiness?

Know who your target customers are and connect with them emotionally as we can see with the working style of a successful entrepreneur, Larry Page. To render a happiness-returning service or product, knowing and understanding who your customers top the list. Give customers an opportunity to air their view. Having a good online presence gives customers easier access to the company’s decision-making process. Making use of the customers’ comments and views will also help to improve the services rendered. Treat customers as very important people. Offering customers VIP treatment, starts right from how much they are heard. Give each one a personalized treatment and content as this will help to gain more referrals from them.

Stand on your promise. Like all humans, customers despise being lied to. It is better to not promise anything than to promise and fail to deliver. This dampens customers’ trust and gradually turns them away from a company. Leaders should stay true to their promise to the customers/clients like Larry Weltman Toronto-based because their words might break or strengthen the trust of the customers. Make provision for compensation and incentives. Offering rewards once in a while sounds good, but building and maintaining the momentum is where the real kicker lies.

Why Do Companies Invest In Customer Happiness? 

When a company creates great customer happiness, it creates a great environment for both the workers and the customers. A glance at an entrepreneur like Larry Weltman Toronto will illustrate how a firm grows beyond expectations. Investing in this core part of the business is a win-win situation for everyone involved.


To recap, customer happiness starts from matching customers at their place of pain and serving them exceptionally.  It is different from customer satisfaction, but both are long-term investments that pay great dividends. It serves as a source of free information for the improvement of any company.

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