Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021
How to Map the Customer Success Journey

How to Map the Customer Success Journey

Gaining a great understanding of your customers’ journey with your business allows you to better know their shopping habits. In doing so, you can analyze how these customers initially connected with you online, and it can also help you gain a better understanding of their spending behavior and how their customer lifetime value. Strong online businesses utilize the customer success journey process to bolster their online business and directly target it toward their customers and how they interact with your business online. With that in mind, here the phases of the customer success journey you should be aware of in order to correctly map the process.

The Phases of the Customer Success Journey

The complete process that your customer goes through in order to have success with your business falls into three distinct categories – the discovery phase, the shopping and consideration phase, and the checkout phase. Utilizing these three distinct steps will help you map out the customer journey process and set it up for success.

To start with, you should make sure that your business is totally discoverable online. This is the stage where customer use social media, search engines, or other online discovery platforms to become aware of your product and service offerings. For example, if you have an understanding of how your customer is finding your website through Google, you will want to optimize your website toward relevant keywords in order to increase the rate of discovery through this platform.

After doing this, the next step is the consideration or shopping phase. During this phase, the business owner needs to create marketing tactics to entice users to buy their products and services that are located on their landing page. This can be done through various marketing tactics and call to action statements that influence users once they are actually on the business website. Finally, business owners need to make sure that the checkout process is seamless. This includes any payment processing and errors with their checkout process that would turn users off to buying from their company.

The Customer Success Journey Map

After these three phases of the customer success journey are created, it is now time to actually map them out through the customer journey map process. The customer success journey map is a tool used to monitor the interaction of your customers with your products and services. It is important to create this visual representation of your business to get a better perspective on how customers perceive your product and service offerings and what actions they are taking surrounding them. Gaining a better understanding of this behavior will come a long way in helping you to better understand your customers’ wants and needs and more proactively responding to their demands.

Making sure that your customer success journey map is well-designed will give you a much better understanding into the pain points of your customers. Creating a detailed map will help you understand where you can actually help them with your products and services and how this fits into their overall journey as a customer not just with your business, but within the industry that you provide products and services. Doing so will help you to increase your revenue and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

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