Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Why You Need to Start Pet Boarding in Vancouver

Starting a business has never been easier than in today’s world, which is totally connected. Instant communication is a big reason why it’s easier for everyone to be their own bosses nowadays. The pet industry hasn’t been left behind and has a considerably large field of entrepreneurs, especially those that are a little tech savvy. Their services usually range from pet-sitting to dog washing, but the list is endless.

Although their services may seem super convenient at times, there’s a growing concern of whether these pet service purveyors possess adequate training and expertise. What qualifications do they have that makes it okay for them to take care of your companion? Below are a few reasons why a dog daycare or cat boarding facility is the best option.

The importance of certification

Certifications should be taken seriously when it concerns the proper care of your pet. Just because someone is ‘good with cats and dogs’ doesn’t really mean anything. Maybe they just haven’t had an incident occur yet. Procuring the services of someone or an organization that has been duly certified will not only give you the peace of mind that they have sufficient knowledge and skill, but that you’re also working with professionals that invest to become better.

The importance of socializing

A very overlooked but important aspect of dog or cat boarding in Vancouver is ensuring your pet stays highly socially engaged throughout their stay. The biggest advantage of daycare and boarding facilities is that your pet(s) will often be awarded lots of outdoor time, giving them the opportunity to socialize and play with other pets. Depending on the length of the duration you’ll be away, this social interaction is usually a healthier alternative than letting them stay by themselves.

Situation-specific training

During those extra hot months in the summer, it’s vital for those that work with your pet to be properly trained and equipped to manage any health-related complication that may arise. Do you think your sitter knows how to effectively handle a scenario where your dog/cat comes down with allergies, heat stroke, etc? Having the knowledge of how to manage and handle an unexpected situation can sometimes prove to be the difference between your pet living or dying. Dog daycare staff is usually well-trained and equipped, but you have to be sure.

Hazardous Environments

Many dog or cat sitters usually operate from home. Some of them have put in a little money, as well as time to ensure their place is as comfortable and as dog/cat friendly as it can be. However, unless you’ve done a complete inspection of their place by yourself, you might find yourself overlooking potential hazards such as other aggressive pets as well as improperly maintained pools or fences. When you’re dog or cat boarding in Vancouver, you have to be sure that the facility is safe.


Some may feel like pet boarding is such a big deal and a pricey endeavour, as well, in certain cases. However, it’s one of the best things you can do to ensure the safety, health and security of your pet when you’re gone. Besides, your pet is part of the family, no? Shouldn’t it also have the best?

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