Wed. May 19th, 2021

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Ways to use print marketing to promote your small business

Internet is a powerful marketing realm, but it’s filled with strong competition and many small businesses struggle to stay afloat, mainly due to tight budgets.

That’s why promotions for small businesses take a lot of planning and use of all possible resources. Among those, print is not only the most affordable but it can also be very effective. And we’re about to show you how so.

You’re Already Sitting on it

Today when our mailboxes are mostly empty, it’s not hard to figure out they present a marketing opportunity away from big competitors. But many small businesses are still reluctant to grab this opportunity when they think about the cost of design and copy for the print materials.

The truth is there’s very little need for both – if you have a website (and who today doesn’t?), you’re already sitting on plenty of content ready to be repurposed. You have all the information, your logo, and your colors. That’s enough to put together flyers, postcards, brochures, etc.

Sending those via direct mail you’ll spread your marketing message further, turning your inbound channel into an outbound one and targeting specific customers. Not to mention that the direct mail pieces will point back to your site and increase your sales funnel.

True Colors

If you decide to design some of your print pieces from scratch or redesign them, the crucial element you need to pay attention to is the color. Your color scheme will create the traits your brand will be associated with, so it’s a great way to manipulate customers’ reactions.

We all know from color psychology that the impact of some colors is universal, but don’t fall into the trap of already established concepts. You need to find the true colors of your target audience, so to say.

In different cultures, the same colors have different meanings. For example, you can’t take the purity of white for granted if you have customers in China where that’s a color of death.

There are also perception differences when it comes to genders. It’s not just ʽblue is for boys and pink for girlsʼ – it’s a difference between saturated, darker, and bolder colors appealing to men and those softer and gentler hues that will catch the attention of women.

The physical connection

The reason why business cards still thrive in this digital age lies in the very act of handing them out. In the era of hundreds of Facebook friends we’ve never seen, physical connections are very valuable.  Exchanging them has both informational and cultural functions and that’s what makes them essential.

There’s no doubt that people will pay attention to your business cards, so make sure they’re quality printed, well designed, and contain all the necessary business information.

A Special Something

Another thing of great value you can put into your customers’ wallets is loyalty cards. Everybody knows that loyalty programs are a powerful tool for growing your customer base, but the very cards can take you the extra mile.

Carefully designed and printed, they turn into a tangible sign of care and devotion, which will make every customer feel special. That way they won’t be coming back only beacuse of discount offers, but also because they’ll know that in your stores they are appreciated.

Beyond The Glimpse

There’s so much information everywhere we look that it has become very hard to rise above the noise, especially online where people dedicate just a glimpse to more than half of the advertisement.

The unique design is certainly helpful but in the offline world, the most cost-effective solution comes in the form of posters, banners, and billboards. You just need to print them once and place them in shop windows or various locations around town, and they will get noticed.

Of course, billboards are your safest bet. There’s no digital screen that can compete with their size and they’ll catch the eye of people even when they’re speeding along the highways.

As you can see, print marketing is a very effective way to promote your small business at a low cost –  design and copy are ready on your website, the color palette is equally powerful offline, business cards provide you with a valuable physical connection, loyalty ones are a great way to make your customers feel special, and billboards will make even the smallest business look big in their eyes.

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