Wed. May 19th, 2021

Do You Know How Reusable Grocery Bags Can Help Retailers to Reduce Cost?

Nowadays, the popularity of reusable grocery bags is increasing even in those areas where there is no ban for single-use of plastic bags. The most common reason for people’s preference for reusable bags are the environmental perks, and also by not using the single-use plastic bags, shoppers can reduce the damage caused by the plastic bags.

Now many grocery store retailers are planning to get reusable printed bags obtained from Custom Earth Promos into the hands of their customers for both environmental as well as economic reasons.

How reusable bags can reduce costs

Now by using these reusable bags retailers can find cost reductions in a few areas where they are considered as part of their doing business. As we all know disposable bags are a bit expensive, so, retailers prefer to operate on narrow margins.

The overall cost can be lowered by cutting disposable bags as a mainline item. Besides one can also create revenue by selling these reusable bags.

Changing futures for plastic bags

State and also local governments have joined together in many countries that have started taxing plastic bags or even banning them altogether.

As environmental sustainability has become a matter of a core concern, it is very likely that in the USA most retailers in different states can anticipate certain legislation in the coming years. Therefore, if you plan now to switch to reusable grocery bags that can put you well ahead of your competitions. So what steps retailers may want to take, in order to get ready?

  • Consider selling their branded reusable bags.
  • Offer a small amount of “bag discount” to customers who can bring reusable bags.
  • Work with corporate counsel for tracking bag-related regulations, and also plan how to phase out these bags at affected locations.
  • Have proper bins for customers so that old plastic bags can be recycled.
  • Hold a competition for the most original type of tote bag.

If at your business, you can introduce reusable grocery bags, then your brand will be able to eliminate unnecessary waste and also enjoy a sizable amount of cost reduction. Besides, it will also prepare them for future shifts in regulations that will show consumers that you are serious about environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Reusable bags can help the retailer’s bottom line

Disposable plastic bags can always cost retailers money, which is passed on to customers, but when shoppers will bring their own bags that will reduce the need, and will result in paying the cost of buying plastic bags.

Few stores offer a discount to shoppers if they can bring their reusable bags. It may simply offset the cost of a disposable bag, so the store will not lose money, but the customer can save money and this can also establish loyalty.

Consumers will always prefer to support any businesses, who are conscious of environmental issues. By encouraging customers to bring back their own bags, it will establish a rapport between the brand and the customer.

Few stores are taking it even further by selling these branded reusable grocery bags. This can boost the bottom line of the retailer since they are now selling the item, and also getting their branding too.

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