Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

The Real Benefits of Screen Printing You Should Know

There may be an array of apparel printing methods you can take advantage of today, such as direct to garment or DTG printing, transfer printing, CAD cut vinyl printing, and more, but screen printing, one of the oldest methods around, is still as effective today as when it first came out. Screen printing is arguably the most common printing method for clothing such as t-shirts and other apparel, but what makes it so special? Is screen printing the printing method you really need? If you would like to have your very own personalised apparel for your business, here’s a look at the real benefits of screen printing you should know.

First of all, what is it?

Screen printing has long been a standard printing technique used by many businesses, and it involves the use of a stencil design created on polyester fabric or fine mesh. Several ink layers are then pushed through the layout of the stencil and transferred onto the print material’s surface. You can make use of all kinds of colours with the use of different stencils so you can create the final effect or result. The areas of the material which need to be clear will be covered with a special substance to avoid contamination from the ink.

  • A great, fully customised design

Whilst you can always go for a standard graphic or photo on your t-shirts or other apparel, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a fully customised design, created precisely according to your requirements? With screen printing, you can have just that. A fully personalised t-shirt or piece of clothing can be a brilliant way for you to advertise your offerings or stand out at an event since it can display whatever you want. Also, screen printing allows you to print on any type of material you prefer, and you don’t have to worry about fading graphics or images even after the shirt or apparel is washed more than a few times. Screen printing allows for prints that last.

  • An affordable printing method

As confirmed by experienced MCR t-shirt printing specialists such as Garment Printing, screen printing is also incredibly affordable, especially when you compare it to other printing techniques. In fact, with screen printing, the more you need and the larger your order, the less expensive or costly it becomes. If you order your printed apparel in bulk, you can save more, and this makes screen printing perfect for a large volume of orders, such as printing for conferences and events, concerts, and so on.

  • A high quality print

When you design a customised shirt or other pieces of clothing for your business, you want the shirt as well as the print to last for a long time. Screen printing offers a lot of flexibility since you can print on an array of materials and fabrics, but it also offers high quality prints which don’t fade, flake or crack over time. Screen printing is also highly durable, meaning you don’t have to worry about the ink damaging the fabric.

  • Benefit from an original design that gets you noticed

Since screen printing is highly versatile, you can really come up with any design you choose, and it can be printed onto your chosen garment with no hassles or issues whatsoever. This ability to create a custom design allows you to be original and unique, and your t-shirt or apparel design will surely get noticed, especially if it is well-made.




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