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Finding Quality Childcare or Daycare Centres in Ajax

After an overwhelmingly long process of searching for a suitable daycare in Ajax or part time childcare services, you finally found one that you’re comfortable with and perfectly matches the needs of your family. How can you actually tell that the centre you have chosen is doing a good job? Below you can learn how best to evaluate your choice of a daycare centre. Through these tips, you will also be able to gauge the quality of the centre offering these services.

Daycare Centres

Whether you are looking for a suitable daycare in Ajax or part time childcare centre, it is important that you critically check on the aspect of quality. The quality care programs commonly share some characteristics. Note that the quality indicators help to evaluate the conditions at the centre and determine if it fosters a stimulating and safe environment for your child. These quality indicators include the following:

Health and Safety

  • Locked cabinets for storing all kinds of cleaning supplies, including other toxic substances and materials
  • Converted electrical outlets that have protective caps
  • Visible and easily accessible first aid kits
  • Window guards present on all windows, except on the designated fire exits
  • Security gates installed both at the bottom and at the top of stairs
  • Enclosed play areas and comfortable, soft surfaces on all equipment
  • Fire extinguishers and smoke alarms
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Plans covering emergency evacuations
  • Individual cots available for toddlers to sleep in
  • Individual cribs – for infant sleep
  • Clean sleeping rooms that have no hazards or distractions


Quality of Childcare Providers

As you evaluate the potential daycare or part time childcare centre, it is imperative that you check on the quality of the care providers, as well.

  • Positive child/teacher interactions
  • The teachers greet children in the morning while welcoming them warmly
  • The caregiver or teach is attuned to the needs of your child
  • Caregivers talk to children at eye level
  • Caregivers are responsive and can read cues from children
  • Age-appropriate activities

Regulation of Child Care Centres

Whether you’re looking at a daycare in Ajax or part time childcare, it is important to find out more about the licensing requirements stipulated for different types of providers in the industry. Virtually all childcare and daycare providers, whether in-home or at a traditional centre are required to be in compliance with the licensing regulations for safety and health. Even so, some centres run activities without the requirements.

Remember, a license is no guarantee of quality. You might want to go ahead and request that the potential childcare or daycare provider provides you with proof of credentials.


Communication is a vital component in nurturing good relationships between the caregivers and parents. This applies whether you’re looking at a potential daycare in Ajax or part time childcare centre. Try to have conversations without your child present to allow for private handling of any situation. Explain any situation or issue you wish your caregiver to address and make sure the issue does not arise ever again. Caregivers must also be consistent when it comes to discipline, eating and sleep times. Therefore, discuss your specific expectations with the caregivers and work as a team.

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