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Why Should You Choose Reliance Life Insurance?

Have you been looking around for the best life insurance plan to meet your future financial needs? If yes, then it’s time to take a look at the Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company which high ranks on the list of life insurance providers (private sector) in India.

Be it in the form of family protection plans or the ones linked to savings and investment along with providing whole life cover benefits, or something else, Reliance life insurance products are what you should choose at the earliest.

Here, we help you take a quick look at why you should choose from among the different types of plans provided by Reliance Nippon Life Insurance.

Basics of Reliance Life Insurance

As you go about your research for the best Reliance life insurance plans online, you may want to seek inputs from web-based insurance aggregator and comparison sites like Given below is a quick rundown on the most popular life cover policies by Reliance.

1. Protection Plans

Reliance Nippon Life Term Plan and other protection plans attributed to Reliance life insurance offer a comprehensive range of coverage at affordable rates. They are known to provide adequate coverage on the basis of your liabilities.

Along with offering protection to your loved ones against unforeseen events in your absence, they offer tax benefits for regular payment of premiums under section 80C and 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

2. Savings & Investment Plans

Reliance Nippon Life’s Guaranteed Money Back Plan is one of the top-rated savings and investment plans by Reliance life insurance. This plan offers flexibility to select the right policy term which can be either 15 or 20 years.

In this plan, you also gain the flexibility to pay regular premiums or limited premiums. By choosing this plan, you get 3 guaranteed benefits:

  1. Guaranteed money back in the last 5 years of the policy.
  2. Guaranteed loyalty additions going up to 40 per cent of sum assured.
  3. Guaranteed maturity addition that may reach up to 20 per cent of sum assured when the maturity of the plan occurs.

These and other plans in the same category can be selected for the purpose of paying off your debts, taking care of your children’s higher education, or to fulfil any other dreams/desires you may have. They also offer tax benefits under Section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

3. Retirement Plans

Reliance Nippon Life Pension Builder and other retirement-friendly Reliance life insurance plans give you complete flexibility to select your policy term on the basis of when you would like to retire. They help you build up a lucrative retirement corpus and offer a good boost to the retirement savings sought by you by offering a terminal bonus and regular simple reversionary bonus.

Along with guaranteeing regular income flow for your life after retirement, they also provide protection to your loved ones by giving a lump sum amount upon maturity. Section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 come into play for providing tax benefits for the premiums paid regularly by you.

4. Unit Linked Plans

Reliance Nippon Life Premier Wealth Insurance Plan and other ULIP linked plans by Reliance life insurance offer exhaustive investment options. They provide self-managed options for managing and controlling your investments effectively and automatically.

With complete flexibility with regards to paying your premiums, these plans are known to feature partial withdrawals of the accumulated funds after a given number of years. You may ask for desired levels of coverage on the basis of your requirements.

5. Health Plans

Reliance Nippon Life Easy Care Fixed Benefit Plan and most other Reliance life insurance health plans offer daily cash benefits against hospital bills. Depending on the terms and conditions of the health plan chosen by you, you can get complete protection against all kinds of medical expenses pertaining to medical illness, sudden hospitalisation, immediate surgeries, costs for using ICU facilities, etc.

Rights Steps to Get Reliance Life Insurance

It is important to conduct adequate research to figure out your needs and coverage amount before you purchase the best Reliance life insurance plan for yourself.

It is also essential to compare different plans offered by the company, match them with your insurance needs and budgetary restraints to figure out the exact coverage amount and then buy the best one online. Do take a look at all exclusions, inclusions, riders, add-ons and other fine print before freezing your choice.

Buy Reliance Life Insurance Online

The features and benefits of different types of Reliance life insurance plans make them a coveted solution for people who seek to secure the financial future of their loved ones when they are no longer around. Log into to buy the best life insurance plan, today.

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