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Oilfield Services and Equipment Rentals in Edson

If you are involved in oil and gas exploration, the production process, or you are in the energy industry, there are certain rental packages and oilfield services that you will need in order to make your operations successful. To make this possible, there are companies that have specialized in providing reliable and affordable equipment rentals and a range of oilfield services that will suit your needs.

Oilfield Services and Equipment Rentals in Edson

If you work in the oil and gas industry in Edson and need any kind of services or equipment for your project, there are fully equipped contractors that can help. They have a wide assortment of specialized equipment and well serviced trucks that have been designed for optimal efficiency. Whether you are looking for providers of oilfield services in Edson, or are in need of affordable oilfield rentals in Edson, these contractors can help. They normally offer:

  1. Vacuum/Steam Trucks

These companies have high performance vacuum and steam trucks that can efficiently service your oil and gas company. Their vacuum trucks usually come fully-equipped with steamer units that are capable of performing high pressure washing and steaming, cleaning, as well as thawing. Their well-maintained equipment is certified for hazardous waste, as well as non-hazardous waste hauling and will meet your unique vacuum needs.

  1. Water Trucks

If you are working at a remote worksite with no reliable water source, these companies can also provide you with the best water trucks to meet all of your water needs. If you need water for dust compaction, cleaning, cooling of your machines and equipment or for domestic use, they have trucks that will meet your exact needs. They offer everything, including:

  1. a) Rig water trucks
  2. b) Well-site trailers
  3. c) Potable water trucks
  4. Winch/Bed Trucks

These companies also have powerful winch and bed trucks that are ideal for lifting, pulling and carrying heavy items like oilfield equipment from one location to another. Their bed trucks have been designed to transport huge cargo and can work even in the roughest terrain. If you have large and heavy cargo that cannot be transported by ordinary trailers or tractors, these contractors have powerful bed trucks that can meet your needs.

  1. Gravel Trucks

These companies also have fleets of gravel trucks that can be used to transport loose materials like sand, gravel or even demolition waste. Their trucks have an open-box bed that is normally hinged right at the rear end and has been designed with powerful hydraulic rams for lifting the front part whenever you want to unload the materials from the truck. These contractors can offer you tandem as well as tri-axle gravel trucks which can haul materials in all weather and under different road conditions.

You can also rely on these professionals for your water well drilling, construction equipment, as well as equipment rental needs. They will supply you with any kind of equipment or service you need in order to make your project as successful as possible. Whether you need quality oilfield services in Edson, or are looking for a company that can offer you the best oilfield rentals in Edson, these contractors can help.

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