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Crane Rental Services in Medicine Hat

Cranes are very important pieces of equipment that can be used to handle many different kinds of tasks. For instance, you may need one when you are erecting a tower, when installing an HVAC unit on your roof or when putting up a sign or billboard. You might also need it when handling a residential, municipal or commercial construction project. In case you need a crane or any other related equipment for your project, then you should source it from a reputable company.

Crane Rental Services in Medicine Hat

If you are in Medicine Hat, you will find renowned companies that usually offer affordable and reliable crane, picker and boom truck rentals that can be used in a wide range of projects. Their well-serviced, high performance equipment can suit the unique requirements of your large or small project. Whether you need a boom truck or crane service in Medicine Hat, these companies have what it takes to meet your needs. They can offer:

  1. Boom Trucks

If you are working on a site with multiple work areas, you are on a tight schedule and need the best lifting machinery for your project, a boom truck would be the best equipment to use. This is a great utility vehicle that comes equipped with a powerful winch for lifting loads, an arm for lifting the boom, a loading bucket and an operator cabin. Boom trucks are particularly useful when you are installing commercial signage, municipal streetlights and residential electrical fixtures, among many other applications. However, they have a limited lift capacity, as well as reach restrictions when compared to cranes. If you need a high performance boom truck in Medicine Hat, these companies can help.

  1. Crane Service

Because of the limitations of boom trucks, if you are working on a project that involves lifting heavier loads to extended reaches, then cranes would be the best machines to use. For instance, you might need crane service when erecting steel beams for your tower or high-rise project. Fixed cranes usually offer greater stability even though they are a bit slow when moving from one area of the worksite to another.

  1. Pickers

These companies boast of having top-of-the-line pickers that can be used on all outdoor and indoor lifting jobs. In fact, they even have small pickers that usually allow operators to enter buildings with ease. Their fleets are comprised of:

  1. a) 25-ton pickers with 94-feet-long of live sticks
  2. b) 26-ton pickers with 102-feet-long live sticks
  3. c) 50-ton cranes with 128-feet-long live sticks as well as 40 feet of jib
  4. d) Fixed & hanging man baskets

Whether you want to safely lift your construction materials or allow your workers to work at greater heights, these companies have solutions for you.

These companies usually offer modern machines that are normally operated by the most qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. You can also rely on their 24/7 emergency services when you are in an emergency situation. Whether you are looking for a good quality boom truck in Medicine Hat or you are searching for reputable providers of the best crane service in Medicine Hat, these companies can help you out.

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