Thu. Jun 24th, 2021

Space-saving management tips for your warehouse

When it comes to saving space in your warehouse, industrial shelves are a crucial component. They are becoming increasingly popular due to a surge in original designs that cater to residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial purposes.

Shelves are a fantastic way to store bulky and heavy equipment in an accessible, organised and convenient way; therefore, they are the number one item that will help you to save space in your warehouse.

Before you commit to purchasing shelves or installation, there are factors you will need to take into consideration, including where the shelves will be installed and what will be stored on them.

Why choose industrial shelving?

As most shelving designed for industrial uses is strong, resilient and robust, industrial shelving in Ireland from suppliers such as is perfect for holding large, bulkier items.

What material should you choose?

Durability is an important component when it comes to choosing the appropriate shelves for your warehouse, whether the material is reinforced glass, plastic, wood, metal, or a combination of wood and stainless steel or aluminium. Perhaps the most favoured shelf type available today is made of metal, with the most popular options being chrome-plated or stainless steel, aluminium or galvanised. Such shelves have the ability to hold up to 1,000lbs. Steel is probably the front-runner for industrial shelving for numerous reasons, including versatility and affordability.

Whether aluminium or steel, metal shelves are not only sturdy but also flexible, cost-effective and fantastic space savers. They can also be placed anywhere in your warehouse with ease and come in the following, amongst other options:

– Archive shelving.
– Closed/open shelving.
– Mobile shelving.
– Double rivet shelving.

Other factors

In addition to the material a shelf is made from, it is important to take into account a shelf’s safety, cost, stability and lifespan. Once you have made these fundamental decisions, you can then move on to factors such as accessibility, height, aesthetics and size.

Before you hastily purchase industrial shelving, make sure you conduct thorough research by exploring the hardware and home improvement areas of websites, home depots and other companies, comparing designs, materials, prices, size and safety prior to making a commitment. By investing time in research, you will find the perfect industrial shelving for your requirements.


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