Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

A Few Simple Tips for Managing Your Image and Reputation Online

The internet has provided the ability to market our businesses and brands to a much more expansive audience than ever possible offline. With so much information flowing back and forth online about our personal and professional lives, however, it has proved incredibly difficult to manage how you may come off to potential customers in an online environment. This is where understanding online reputation management and how employing reputation management strategies can allow you to engage with potential clients in the most profound and professional way possible. Below, we’ll take a look at a few different ways to cultivate your image and reputation online.


Become Respected but Always Listen when They Talk

As obvious as it may seem, one of the simplest ways to keep your reputation and image in good standing on the internet is to become a well-respected and trusted business. Unfortunately, many times this basic tip is overlooked or thought too simple to apply to reputation management strategies. Business analysts and experts agree, however, that trust itself is a perishable asset and that gaining your audience’s respect by doing good business is the most important aspect of curating your image online. In addition, listening to your customers, audiences, and critics and giving their ideas or grievances your time and attention is absolutely imperative in gaining trust for your brand or business.


Allow for Growth, Accept Criticisms, and Promote Transparency

Developing a strategy that promotes transparency and allows for growth on the part of your marketing campaign is essential in managing your image and reputation. What is transparency? Though, transparency means simply opening up to feedback and criticism and addressing it quickly and professionally. Transparent strategies focus on not hiding criticism and publicly addressing it, as well as establishing a channel of communication with your audiences and asking for their feedback. Not only does this approach to reputation management allow for growth of both trust in your brand and your marketing campaign it also allows for direct comment on possible failures or missteps.


Don’t Over Share or Get Too Comfortable on Social Media

In an interview with Forbes, the founder of one of the world’s largest image management companies, puts it simply when he says “If you don’t know who the joker is on your social media, then it’s you.” He’s referring to over sharing online, which he says earlier in the article is one of the most oft made mistakes. Though social media can be excellent for marketing and promoting your brand, becoming too comfortable or lax on what you’re posting can lead to your professional image being tarnished. Taking time away from Twitter, and tweeting at a minimum twice a month, as well as maximizing all your social media security settings are recommended. Sure, posting photos of your family or recent vacation can establish a personal connection with audiences, but over posting, or straying away from professional posts for too long can damage your reputation.

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