Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Choosing Golf Apparel in Edmonton

If you are into playing golf, the first thing you will need to do is choose the right golf apparel in Edmonton. You might not know it yet, but your game will be influenced by the apparel you choose. If it is oversized, it will get in the way of you completing a perfect swing. You will put in a lot of work (practice, practice, practice), but never get the results/progress you want from your hard work.

If you are keen, you have noticed that professional golfers, hockey players, runners and athletes all have one thing in common – regardless of their height and weight, they always wear pants, vests, shirts, and accessories that fit them perfectly. This contributes greatly to the success they enjoy.

Since we have mentioned hockey, it is important to also point out that hockey jerseys in Edmonton are a challenge when it comes to picking the right size. However, visiting a local outlet when purchasing hockey jerseys in Edmonton will ensure you get the perfect size. At the store, you can always try on different sizes to find your perfect size. This goes for other sports clothing, as well. If you insist on making the purchase online, visit a relevant forum and follow the conversations. Most people tend to mention their weight and height. These figures will give you a clear direction of your perfect size.

With that said, below are some tips to help you in choosing the right golf apparel.

Golf pants

With the pants, you have lots of options with regards to the style and material. Plaid pants tend to be simple and scream traditional. There are, however, modern pants with flashy colours and dandy prints. With the modern pants, you need to exercise caution. Pick patterns and colours that match your personality. Also, maintain a level head. Do not get carried away with the need to make an impression – it could end up backfiring on you.

Khaki pants are also an option, but you should stay away from denim jeans. These are unprofessional and tend to restrict movements. If you want fellow golfers to take you seriously, do not buy denim pants.

Golf shirts

With golf shirts, you can wear the casual collared types. The shirt could be a classic with either long sleeves or short sleeves or a knit jersey with a button placket along with cuffed or hemmed sleeves.

Golf shirt designs are similar for both men and women. What differentiates them is the cut through the midsection. Women’s shirts are more slender than those designed for men. 


Remember that golf apparel should be breathable and smooth. Choose fabrics that will not irritate your skin. Additionally, the fabric should have moisture wicking technology. This technology is implemented through the use of microfibers, which absorb sweat and allow it to evaporate. The fabric should also allow you to have full range of motion. You should not experience resistance when you flex, lean and swing.

UV protection

UV rays are harmful. Since playing golf will have you out in the sun for long hours, you should purchase clothes with UV protection. This technology will protect you from developing skin conditions or even cancer.


Choosing the right clothes cannot be stressed enough. Every piece of golf apparel in Edmonton you choose should allow you to have full range of motion, protect you from UV rays and for the case of jackets, protect you from the rain and strong winds.

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