Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Sharepoint: Complete Enterprise Collaboration

Sharepoint began as a document management application in 2001. The software has blossomed into a collaboration tool for enterprise and a foundation for website development. Sharepoint is highly configurable, and the use is tailored to the individual company. The major selling point, the platform can be integrated with Microsft Office.

Tools for the Sharepoint platform have proliferated along with the software itself. Microsoft could not have timed a better entry. 2001 the internet was hitting its stride, and a collaborative server, document sharing application was perfect.

Three types of Sharepoint applications exist.

  • Sharepoint Foundation
  • Sharepoint Server
  • Office 365

The ecosystem that has built up around the platform is impressive. The tools for Sharepoint extend its usefulness and will address the shortcomings. There are a few main applications that build upon the Sharepoint functionality.

  1. Content and Document Management: When first developed, document management was a core function. Third party apps have extended functionality immensely. The real power of Sharepoint is the integration capabilities between Windows and Office. Third party apps and tools expand on encryption and server functions. The following apps are just a few of the total pieces of software to configure the way you want it.
    • Convert to PDF/Print by KWizCom
    • Clipboard Manager by KWizCom
    • eSign Genie by BPM
    • Virto Sharepoint Bulk File Download
    • SkySinc Document Management
  1. The intranet and social collaboration tools extend enterprise communication. The highly configurable aspect of Sharepoint allows businesses to manage their communications. Sharing knowledge between employees is the buzzword for effective collaboration.
    • Saketa Employee Onboarding
    • HubFly Digital Work Place
    • Complexus- Enterprise Collaboration
    • Cloud Contact Center for 0365
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365- MetaOpton
  1. Enterprise social networking is not your kids tweeting application on their phone. The recent advancements have revolutionized the way companies communicate with the outside world. Enterprise social networking allows employees to communicate across the world, not just email.
    • Employee Profiles
    • Message Boards
    • Employee Milestones
  1. Custom web applications for Sharepoint has stretched the boundaries of this platform. With the explosion of websites around the world Sharepoint web applications is ideally suited to the task. The integration of Office 365 has made the application an important part of the web. Microsoft has dedicated a considerable amount of time and talent to collaboration across all of its platforms. The following apps represent a small portion of what the Sharepoint platform can offer.
    • HarePoint Analytics for Sharepoint
    • Mobile App Development by ETL Tools
    • CardioLog Analytics
    • Office 365 Mail Analytics

One of the great things about Sharepoint is the ability to configure through a web browser. Depending on the permission level, you can create or delete sites, configure the navigation or enable and disable features. As long as you have a computer with a browser, you can configure any part of Sharepoint.

The Sharepoint designer, although deprecated, can be useful in editing HTML across the enterprise. Once activated, Designer can import sites and manage the branding of those assets. The designer is most helpful for importing from Adobe and other photo editing software. Sharepoint is a suite of custom development tools. Once deployed, the platform can offer a new understanding of collaboration and document management.

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