Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Why Purchase a Labelling Machine for Your Business? Your Most Relevant Questions Answered

The label of your product definitely matters; it is your product’s identification, after all. But more than this, it is also the primary way you will be able to reach your audience – and convince them to buy your product and try it out for themselves. It follows that your label should be effective, attractive, easy to read and understand, and of good quality. This is where the benefits of a labelling machine come in. Labelling machines allow you to create the best labels for your products, whether you have a food or drink product, a cosmetic product, a health supplement, a cleaning product, or more. Labelling machines are an excellent investment for any business that specialises in various products, but why should you purchase a labelling machine for your business? Here are the answers to your most relevant questions.

What it is

A labelling machine is essentially an automated machine with a self-adhesive application for labels, and it can apply labels that are pre-printed straight onto different products. The labels are supplied on a special reel so they can precisely adhere to the corresponding products.

Why you need it: the important benefits

One of the foremost reasons why you may need a labelling machine for your business is to enhance efficiency in your workplace. Labelling machines are fast and automated, allowing you to benefit from quicker speeds when you need to apply labels to your various products. With a labelling machine, you can do away with manual labour associated with labelling your products, which can save you time and money in the short- and long-term.

There is another benefit to labelling machines that make them better compared to manual labelling – with a labelling machine, you can ensure the accuracy of the label placed on your product. Most of the labelling machines available today are capable of label application within a 1-millimetre tolerance on every axis, based on the type of application you have and the quality of your components or materials.

Labelling machines are also quite versatile in that you can easily place them in a production line, along with other pieces of equipment like capping units, automatic filling machinery, and more.

Their cost

The cost of such a machine can depend on where it is produced or the country where it is manufactured, the type of application you need, and the supplier where you purchase the machine itself. There are, of course, entry-level labelling machines that are semi-automatic, and they usually go for around £5000 if they are not made in the UK. But if you want something British-made to be used for a precise application such as for pharmaceutical products in a big production line, then the price can go up to around £350,000.

There are in-line units that can cost between £5000 to £120,000, and the overall price will depend on your specific requirements when it comes to the machine’s application.

When you are purchasing a labelling machine, it’s best to opt for one which requires as little maintenance as possible. Other expenses to consider include the tooling of the unit, and some labelling machines may also require a supply of compressed air, so you should factor this in when considering your initial spending.


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