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Traditional Types of locks

Traditional types of locks are locks that operate entirely on mechanistic principles. Locksmiths at Locksmith Newcastle can fix all kinds of conventional locks. Here are the major types of traditional locks

Knob Locks

The most common types of door locks are knock locks and the primary method of securing most doors. The lock cylinder is located in the knocker instead of the exit. Therefore, knob locks should not be used on exterior doors, as they can be broken with necessary tools such as a hammer or wrench.

Cam Locks

They are a type of fastener that allows storage to be maintained. They are hidden in a fully built cabinet. Cam locks usually come with furniture and cabinet kit sets. Door locks of this type are cylindrical and are located in the wooden part. Cam locks use different tailpieces or “cams” to create the lock mechanism.

Deadbolt Lock Types

Deadbolts offer the best protection against theft or brakes. Lock bolts are moved by knocking or turning the key without the use of a spring. Deadbolts feature a unique lock mechanism that counteracts physical attacks and beatings. They cannot be broken with a knife or a hand tool.


Padlocks belong to the group of free locks. They are portable. They are not permanently attached to anything. They come in a variety of models that are divided into two main categories: key and compound. Single Cadet Pad Locks are available in different sub-categories. Pad Locks are easy to recognize because of their looped handle shackles. They have a shoulder girdle, a part in which the padlock extends the sides of the shoulder girdle to prevent the bolt cutter from being cut.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are robust locks used on exterior doors. They have an internal system that allows them to make more locksets than just locks. These laxatives can contain knobs or levers and often consist of a cylindrical body. They are threaded and use the marquee ingredients inside the door. Inside Morris is a box lock, with a deep rope at the edge of the door. Mortise locksets are secured using seat screws and cams that form the locking mechanism. For different types of doors, the cylinder component comes in different heights and lengths.

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