Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

The Rise of Self-Service Businesses

Year after year, self-service businesses are being more popular. There is an increase in demand, so more and more businesses are tapping open opportunities. Among others, one of the perfect examples is in the laundry business. Providers of commercial and industrial laundry equipment, such as Continental Girbau, are also offering vended machines to facilitate self-service transactions. What are the examples of self-service businesses? How can they be successful? Keep on reading and learn from the insights we’ll share in this article.

Examples of Self-Service Businesses

As noted above, the laundry business is one of its practical examples. In laundromats, there are no employees to wash and dry the clothes of the customers. Instead, the customers have to do it on their own. They have to insert coins or use their cards to activate the machine and wait on the site until their laundry is finished.

A self-service gas station is another example. In many places, you can pump your own gas, which saves the business money because they don’t have to pay employees to do it for their customers.

An automated teller machine is an example of a self-service business that people use often. Instead of going to a bank, there is a convenient machine that will allow people to deposit and withdraw money, among other banking activities.

There are also self-service kiosks in many business settings. For instance, in some restaurants, you can order your food in a self-service kiosk, settle the payment, get a number, and wait for your food on the table. Some supermarkets allow self-service check-outs wherein you have to pay and bag whatever you bought on your own.

What It Takes To Be Successful

One of the most important is reliability. For instance, in the laundry business, it is crucial to have reliable washers and dryers. Otherwise, the experience will be frustrating for the customers. It should not be prone to breakdowns and should deliver exceptional outcomes. If that’s the case, consider the commercial laundry equipment that Continental Girbau can provide.

A user-friendly system is also critical for success. It should be effortless to use. Customers must not feel stupid when they are using self-service systems. Otherwise, they will have hesitations and won’t be interested.

It is also important to make sure that support is available when needed. For instance, if they are using self-service lanes in a supermarket, if there is a problem, such as if their credit card is declined, there should be someone available to lend a helping hand to make the experience less frustrating.

Safe to say, self-service is the future. It is convenient and quick for the customers, although, it takes quite an effort. The businesses are the ones that will benefit the most. It lessens their expenses since they don’t need to have full-time employees to do the things that customers can do on their own. Nonetheless, to succeed, it is important to offer a seamless experience that will make the customers want to do it all over again.

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