Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics property management software – the key to more efficient property management

Efficiency and flexibility are probably the two cornerstone traits that are most important for efficient property management. Without an efficiently running operation, your buildings or leased spaces could lose money. Whilst without flexibility, your business will begin losing ground to the competitors immediately. So, is there a way to make sure your properties are managed efficiently? Yes, and it’s called Microsoft Dynamics property management software. This is a tailored tool, optimized and ready to help tackle all relevant problems for building, office, commercial and other property managers. Let’s look at how it can make even the most challenging areas of real estate management manageable!

Microsoft Dynamics property management software can lead to a reduction of operational costs

Who wouldn’t agree with the statement that employee time is the most expensive resource. If you were to find ways to increase their work efficiency and/or reduce the time it takes to complete tasks. These two benefits lead directly to the overall reduction of operational costs. No magic here. Your staff needs to spend less time to get the same amount of work done. Hence, property management software saves time, and in turn, money.

The reduction appears through not only time saved, but also indirectly, because the software also simplifies building management. Eliminate the risks of unexpected maintenance work. Software solutions should have a separate module for optimization of maintenance. Thus, using Microsoft Dynamics property management software helps reduce operational costs both directly and indirectly.

Dedicated modules for important objectives

As we’ve already established, real estate management creates a bunch of unique administrative challenges. However, they are not entirely identical and hence, unique features and modules are needed to take care of these problems. What features are there?

For starters, we think that it’s important to outline the fact that Microsoft Dynamics-based property management programs are user-friendly, easily modified and super-versatile. They can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization. Now, let’s get back to the features of Microsoft Dynamics property management software. Depending on your needs, you could have very different modules enabled. Despite this, one of the most common modules are

  • Automated bill generators
  • Self-service portal
  • Maintenance planning and maintenance cost calculation
  • Contract generation, management and modification
  • Tenant management

On paper the broad list of available modules might sound nice but what are their benefits in action? The main selling point of most property management software solutions is their flexibility of acting as both automated administrative assistants and CRM systems. We all know that managing a business efficiently requires great management of relationships between a business and its clients. Assign tasks to staff members, mark down special requests, track the necessity to follow up and see all relative documents.

To sum up, property management tools are great for tackling all day-to-day administrative issues that all property managers face on a daily basis. Over time, this software can save you thousands of euros/dollars/pounds.


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