Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Mexico trumps the Chinese in UK takeaway terms

In something of a shock, it appears that the Chinese takeaway has been replaced in the first-choice affection of the British public for take away orders for a dinner treat. Apparently, something like 31% of the public would rather have a Mexican Chef slave over a set of Commercial Combination Ovens rather than a Chinese one. If you’d like to take a look at the ovens they use why not follow this link to give you an idea.

What are we choosing from the varied Mexican cuisine on offer and why? Let’s have a look.

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Holidays in Cancun have been cited as one reason. This increasingly popular destination has opened up the British to these ancient recipes and practices, as many dates back to Mesoamerican times and haven’t really changed. Also, we’re seeing TV stars consume it more on screen. It is a very popular LA food choice for example, but it may also be that we’re starting to look for something different, which the fiery but quite simple Mexican dishes can offer us with its Chilli’s and Corn based masa tortillas.

But what are we eating from the Mexican food range? Basically, a lot of Tortillas either wheat or corn based. This is the Mexican version of a loaf of bread. It also forms a basis of the most popular dish in the form of the Fajita. The Fajita is a mild to medium spicy mix of Chicken or beef stripes or just veggies if you prefer. Why we like it is that Mexican food allows us to be experimental and use whatever we have in the fridge, a feature of the Mexican life style itself. We also love the Nacho for dipping or a plate covered in cheese and chillies as a massive sharing starter.

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The other popular favourite is the Taco mainly because you can put anything in it. There seems to be something of a trend going on. This is because the average Mexican has to use whatever is around for food at the time. There are also many other uses of the Tortilla, there is the deep-fried tostada, made usual from a stale one.  It’s then added to a spicy stew like the Birria which is a broth made of lamb, chillies and lime.

Desserts time sees the use of tacos again, usually as a banana split with mangoes and pineapples or Tacos filled with Ice cream and covered in chocolate or maybe chocolate pecan pie. If that doesn’t float your boat, then the ever-versatile sweet potatoes which can be candied and served with cream are an option. It’s a cuisine that can be thoroughly enjoyed and explored.

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