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Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

Healthy Vending Machines Fuel Productive Offices

Vending machines are usually associated with junk food and drinks. Sugary sodas, candies, and fried chips are what are normally found in and associated with most vending machines. This is true of vending machines located in offices, which will usually be the source of snacks for workers throughout the day. Some workers may even use vending machines as their sources for lunch on a busy day. However, junk food often results in junk productivity. Sugar highs and crashes are not typically associated with outstanding work products. Because of this, many offices are turning toward healthy vending machines. Simply switching the type of food that employees snack on may have significant effects on their overall productivity in the long-run.

Vending machines with healthy food will contain products that have a number of qualities that will improve the quality of life for workers and increase their productivity. Food found in these vending machines will be nourishing, giving the workers the fuel that they need to power through to the end of their work day. Workers do not need empty calories to sustain themselves throughout the day, rather, they need nourishing items that provide the vitamins and protein that they need, without the unhealthy levels of sugars and salts. Furthermore, healthy vending machine food should not be processed. The food should come from locally sourced brands. This ensures freshness as well as a variety in food as the food will change with the seasons. Such food also supports local farmers and food companies, benefitting the local economy where the business is located.

Healthy vending machine food is also fresh. While a typical vending machine will be stocked with items that may be months or years old, a healthy machine will have food that is fresh and ready to eat. This means that it is both good for the workers and also is something that they will look forward to enjoying. This makes for a more happy and productive office. For workers that have specific dietary needs the vending machine can be customized to meet those needs. If a worker is lactose intolerant or unable to process gluten there will be options available to ensure that their nutritional needs are met. In addition, vegetarians will have options available as well. Workers may still desire the occasional unhealthy snack and there is room for a healthy amount of snacks such as chocolate bars in these machines. With a well fed and happy work force, office productivity will see improvements in the long-run.

There are other indirect benefits to having a vending machine that is healthy. Companies that produce vending machines with health food are also conscious of the environmental impact of their products. Therefore, these vending machines usually require 40% less energy than typical vending machines. This is good for both the business’s bottom line and the environment. With all of these benefits it makes perfect sense for a business to take the time to consider investing in a healthy vending machine, for both the health of the business and its employees.

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