Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Five reasons to upgrade your powder handling processes

If you work in or manage a facility that handles powder, you will most likely recognise that improvements to processes could be made to make them safer, more cost-effective and more efficient. Whether you want to create less dust, reduce the risk of exposing employees to powders, increase safety or improve workflow, there will be relatively easy ways to improve things.

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There are a number of ways to move powders, with the most rudimentary being manually charging. This is a time tested and still popular method, mainly as it does not involve much equipment or complex controls.

It would be fair to say that manual charging can be improved on by automating processes. The simplest way to automate is via mechanical transfer. However, to enjoy the benefits of full automation, pneumatic conveying should be considered, especially using a vacuum conveyor.

Pneumatic conveying is increasingly popular, as the Global Pneumatic Conveying Systems Market Insights Report shows the market in this area is growing rapidly. Organisations such as
offer a wide range of solutions here.

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This type of conveying delivers fully automated, incredibly high levels of containment. This is particularly important for five key reasons.

1. Health and safety

Keeping employees and the environment alike safe from potentially hazardous powders is, of course, of paramount importance. With a vacuum conveyor, all powder is completely contained, resulting in a much safer working environment

2. Good housekeeping

Pneumatic conveying not only produces less residue to clean up, the equipment itself is generally a lot easier to keep clean than other methods.

3. Streamlined processes

Pneumatic conveying enables faster batch times and also requires fewer people to operate it, instead allowing them to carry out other tasks.

4. Reduced maintenance

This type of powder transfer usually requires less maintenance than other methods as the system is closed. The equipment also tends to last for longer too.

5. Integrity of the product

In many industries, such as pharmaceutical organisations, it is absolutely vital to maintain product quality and integrity. Pneumatic conveying massively reduces the risk of contamination, helping to preserve product quality and save money.

If you are considering changing how you transfer powder for any reason, then it would certainly be advantageous to explore how pneumatic conveying could help your organisation.

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