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Which Display System Would be Right for My Business During Trade Shows?    

There are several types of displays available that you can make use of during trade shows and all of them make it possible for you to showcase your products and business in a very attractive manner.

In this context, let us go through a few details that you need to keep note of while selecting any display system.

Points to Keep Note of While Selecting Display Systems

Branding | Impact


  • Branding:
    The trade show display system you select should be well designed and in addition to it, it should be able to reflect your brand. As such, you need to select something which matches your brand’s imagery, colors, logo, and standards.
  • Impact:
    The display system should be such that it attracts visitors into learning more about your organization and leaves a lasting impression over them.

Let us now look at different exhibit layouts that you can choose from.

Different Exhibit Layouts

Common layouts include:

  • Island exhibit layout
  • Inline exhibit layout
  • Peninsula Exhibit layout

Island Exhibit Layout

These normally have 20’X20′ or larger size and are exposed on all sides. There are two popular styles of island exhibit layouts, which are:


  • Axis Layout:
    These have open floor plan, allowing free traffic flow.
  • Presenter Layout:
    If storytelling and engaging visitors is the goal then this layout will be suitable for you.

Inline Exhibit Layout

It is also called linear exhibit and have a maximum back wall height of about 8′. One of the positive things about inline exhibits is that you can easily reconfigure them into several spaces.

As such, multi-event exhibitors get the opportunity of scaling their inline exhibit according to exhibit requirements put forward by any specific venue.

Peninsula Exhibit Layout

These exhibits tend to share one of their side with neighboring booths and have 3 sides exposed.

If the peninsula exhibit layout is 20’X20′ or of larger size then hanging structure are allowed.


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