Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency – Stop Collection Calls with Listening Skills and Negotiation


If you have taken a debt and are not repaying it, you will be bombarded with collection calls. Creditors will call you for debt recovery, and this can be irritating. You cannot deny the debts as you have taken them. You are bound by law to repay them. If you have not been able to repay the loan and wanted the collection agencies to call you frequently, engage yourself in negotiations with the creditor. The creditor will the help of the hired collection agency will talk with you and create a repayment plan where you can repay the debts you have taken. This repayment plan will stop collection calls, and you are becoming a victim of a rip-off!


Brennan & Clark Collection Agency – Stop collection calls today

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency is a leading name in the field of debt collection in the USA. The company has over 30 years of invaluable experience in the above sector. It has helped many companies and people realize debts in a short period. This Company is one of the best in the USA today when it comes to debt collection and recovery.

Is the non-payment of debt a criminal offense in the USA?

Legal experts in the USA say that the non-payment of debts in the USA is not a criminal offense. However, you can be sued under civil law. So, if you owe debts, do not make the mistake of changing your phone number or even shifting to a new address. The collection agency will find you, and the calls will start to come in again. The experts here at Brennan & Clark say that when you get collection calls, the first thing you must do is confirm that the debt belongs to you. The last thing you want is you paying off someone else’s debt. There are common names like John Smith, and the collection agency might call the wrong John Smith for the realization of money. This is why when you are interacting with collection calls, ensure that you verify to make sure the debt owed belongs to you.

Stop collection calls by entering into an agreement

You can always stop collection calls by agreeing with the creditor. Talk with the creditor and draft a written agreement saying that you will repay the amount owed. When you are working on a repayment plan, list the terms and conditions in writing. You should always consult an expert in the field to help you when it comes to drafting a professional agreement to stop collection calls immediately.

The experts here at Brennan & Clark Collection Agency say that you should be careful of fraudulent companies that are looking for gullible people to cheat. They often make collection calls and scare people. This is why you should be careful and ensure that the debts are solely owed by you and no one else. This will help you to stop rip-offs and lead stress- free life knowing that you can pay your debts off smoothly with an agreement with the creditor!



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