Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Three commercial refrigerator buying tips

It goes without saying that a commercial fridge is going to be one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy. It pays to do some research before you invest in a fridge to make sure you get the right one for your business. Here are three commercial refrigerator buying tips to help you.

Type of food being stored

Your menu or food you supply in your catering business will affect the amount of food and types of produce being stored in fridges. This can have an impact on the model and make you choose. You can buy specialist fridges by food type. For instance, you can buy commercial fish and meat fridges. These are high-risk products which would need to be separated from other foods to avoid contamination if they were in a general-purpose fridge. Catering businesses which sell a lot of fish or meat would do well to look for a specialist unit.

Space and display cabinets

Obviously, how much space you have will dictate how many fridges and the size. You can buy single and double door upright fridges for easy access, countertop fridges for items which are constantly being sold such as ice-creams or cold drinks, or under-counter fridges which are also easy to access. If items are not used too often, then the fridge could be kept in a corner of the kitchen. For produce which is sold often, then having the fridges in the restaurant or behind the bar means staff can get to them easily and don’t waste time going into the back to fetch a customer’s order.

Glass front or solid doors

If you want to display the food, such as beautifully-crafted cakes or chocolates, or even drinks so customers can see what is available, then a glass-fronted fridge works best – Food that is raw or is away from the public gaze can be kept in a solid-fronted fridge. Display fridges with glass fronts look more appealing to showcase your food front of house. If you are interested in a glass door refrigerator, you can see the choice available at

When thinking about investing in a new commercial refrigerator, think about how frequently it will be opened, whether it will be in front of customers and how it is used every day. This will help you make an informed choice.


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