Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Get a Second Passport through Citizenship by Investment- Why?

Most people are taken aback when they find out that it is possible to obtain a second passport within a few months through a citizenship by investment program. It is a common belief that immigration is necessary for getting a second passport and you have to wait for years before you can get it. Luckily, there are a number of countries that provide people the opportunity of getting a second passport through a citizenship by investment program. Put simply, they have to make an investment in order to do so. But, why should you go with such a program? Some of the reasons to consider it are:

  • It gives you safe harbor

If you live in a country that suffers from political turmoil or is at the brink of civil war, having a second passport can provide you safe harbor. Alternative citizenship also comes in handy when your home country suffers from natural disasters or other such problems that damage its infrastructure.

  • It lets you travel easily

One of the best reasons to choose a citizenship by investment program is that it lets you travel with minimal hassle. For instance, with Malta citizenship scheme, you can travel to 168 countries without needing a visa and also travel freely in the Schengen area. A second passport lets you avoid the hassle of going through the paperwork for obtaining a visa and that time can be used for traveling and exploring.

  • It lets you access civil liberties

Sometimes, people want to leave their home country for another one to get access to improved civil liberties. They want better civil rights like being able to buy and sell properties, vote for a democratic government, run a business without worrying about corruption, drive a car, enjoy unrestricted internet access or have religious freedom, amongst others.

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